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This is a great resource when planting space is at a minimum. Beautify any corner or space this Cedar Deck Box Rail Planter. This is attached to 4 or 6 railing or fence for a beautiful look. Holds 8 growers pots with plenty of room for root growth Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Wood

The Diamond Teak Cubed Box Planter ensures that your plants stay healthy and fresh. It is made with teak wood and enables functionality for years to come. This beautifully designed planter is brown in color and is square in shape. You can use it to plant trees, fruits or vegetables as it provides a comfortable environment for your plants. This planter is warp and rot resistant, which ensures long-lasting utility. The Cubed Box Planter by Diamond Teak is available in multiple sizes and keeps... Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Wood

This Milan Short Polymer Planter Box handle all environments and is the perfect addition to any elevation. Extremely lightweight styles from 15-30 lbs, yet perfectly resembles heavy stone/concrete planters but without the failures. Poly-Stone Planters have simple clean lines for a fresh modern look. The planters are warranted against squirrels or rodents that typically chew on other planter materials like wood, plastic, and resins. The polymer is encapsulated over high densitynEPS foam, forming... Capacity: 4480oz. Drainage Holes: Yes Overall: 13 H x 46 W x 18 D Material: Polymer

Plan and set up your favorite plants in this Mayne Inc. Fairfield Plastic Planter Box. It has a wide mouth top, which lets the plants breathe and grow properly. It features a simplistic inspired design that adds to its exquisiteness. The Fairfield Square Patio Planter from Mayne Inc. is made from polyethylene plastic, which makes it durable and reliable to use. It is available in a number of finishes, which lets one choose the best one to match their decor color palette. It can be used... Material Details: Polyethylene Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Plastic Self Watering: Yes

Simultaneously utilitarian and modern in design, this concrete planter is a must-have for bringing the beauty of the outdoors to contemporary spaces. Crafted from a blend of fiber clay and cement, it takes on a streamlined rectangular shape that contrasts with the bright, verdant flora of your choice. Plus, this versatile design can be placed outdoors to complete an existing garden arrangement or decorate a porch display. A water drainage hole is included. Material Details: 45% Fiber clay, 40% cement, 15% magnesium Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Concrete

The Cedar Raised Garden Kit lets you grow your all your favorite vegetables, plants, and herbs. You wont find an easier way to create the garden of your dreams. Material: Wood

Big in size and easy to access from all sides makes crowing crops for a family of 4 or more a breeze! The panelized Western Red Cedar Walls will easily assemble! 2 hinged wire mesh screens folding trellis can be mounted on the sides or the rear. Climbing plants, tomatoes or runner beans will have lots of room to grow! The 33.5" high perimeter fencing is backed with black wire that can keep pesky critters from harming your greenery. Folding marine hinges allows you to utilize trellis panels... Overall: 33.5 H x 96 W x 96 D Material: Wood

The Pacifica square planters have a classic square shape with curved lines. Root and Stock provide a nest for small to medium size trees and plants. These planters are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Material Details: Fiberglass Material: Fiberglass


Their high quality western red cedar patio planters are as nice as their furniture. The unique legs keep the moisture away from your deck. Each planter is finished with a high quality oil based stain and is ready for the outdoors. You can purchase unstained also and apply your own favorite stain. You can plant them direct with some drain material in the bottom or use potted plants for ease of changing out in different seasons. Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Wood

Contemporary with a traditional feel, the Sierra design is the piece to refresh an empty corner or anchor small or large plants alike. Featuring a subtle marbled finish and a sleek, contemporary tapered design, the Sierra planter is the piece to complete the look of a front entrance or line the perimeter of a pool. Molded from a patented plastic composite, all planters are extremely durable and designed to withstand the elements winter or summer. Sierra planters are flexible, impact... Material Details: Polyethylene Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Plastic

The Calistoga tall rectangle planters have a rectangular box shape. These box planters are perfect for planting shrubs and a variety of medium to large size plants. These planters are great in dividing large spaces with a decorative touch. Material Details: Fiberglass Material: Fiberglass

Material Details: Teak Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Wood

Rotationally moulded resin planters provide a great value given the 10 Year limited warranty - crack and fade proof making them the perfect planters for even extreme weather conditions. High design that will make a statement in any location. Lightweight and easy to handle. Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Resin

This Cedar Planter Box is made of 100% screw construction (no nails or staples). Thick lumber used with additional supports where it matters. Material Details: Cedar Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Wood

Gardening is even easier with vertical gardening. With a small footprint, just 2 sq., its possible to have a garden just about anywhere. The vertical garden includes a drip line irrigation system, so you can water less and enjoy growing more. Capacity: 4.5oz. Drainage Holes: Yes Overall: 45 H x 8.5 W x 32 D Material: Wood

This Cedar Planter Box is 100% cedar and is made using screw construction. The craftsmanship and timeless beauty make it a great addition to any home. Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Wood

Simplistic and subtle, the Gronomics Elevated Garden Bed is the perfect accessory for your garden. An elevated design, it offers ample space to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers. The garden bed is ideal for small patios, decks, condos, or apartments. It is constructed using western red cedar that has resistance to decay, moisture, and insect damage. Enameled with a lustrous beige finish, the garden bed will complement most settings. It is available in multiple sizes. The Elevated Garden Bed by... Capacity: 2872.52oz. Material Details: Cedar Material: Wood

Material Details: 100% Iron Overall: 73 H x 17 W x 17 D Material: Metal

Perfect for decks, patios, and small areas, plant shallow root vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Overall: 24 H x 41 W x 25 D Material: Wood

Material Details: 100% Maintenance free vinyl PVC Overall: 19 H x 16.5 H x 48 W x 45 W x 96 D x 93 D Material: Plastic

Change the way you garden. Less time, less water, less fertilizer. Grow healthier plants in a virtually maintenance-free self-watering container. Capacity: 657oz. Material Details: Vinyl Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Plastic Self Watering: Yes


The Oakland Living Iron Roman Round Urn Planter will add a touch of elegance to the garden. A rounded design, the planter is crafted in the shape of an urn. It features intricate carvings, reminiscent of the pillars in Athens. It is constructed using cast iron that has resistance to fading, decay, and cracking. The planter is glazed with a pure brown finish and will complement most settings. It is available in multiple sizes. The Oakland Living Iron Roman Round Urn Planter requires assembly... Material Details: Cast iron Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Metal

An easy to assemble planter box that fits between the posts of your pergola, helping to differentiate spaces. Your pergola planter makes it simple to add beautiful garden elements to any patio. Add plants to attract butterflies, detract mosquitoes, create privacy, add color, or easily grow vegetables close at hand. The planter is also maintenance free and features a 20 year warranty. Capacity: 15147.75oz. Material Details: Vinyl Material: Plastic

High quality product that has been created from global inspiration and the best elements. Material Details: Tin Overall: 26 H x 21.5 W x 21.5 D Material: Metal

It can be set up anywhere in just minutes. As your gardening skills increase the system easily expands to meet your needs. Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Wood

Material Details: Cast stone Overall: 10 H x 11 W x 11 D Material: Concrete

Raised Garden is shaped from metal by skilled craftsman utilizing precise folding of the metal to create a planter that assembles into a square shape from four panels. Raised garden panels interlock together to form incredibly solid plant container that provides maximum planting area. Most of all, the raised garden is simple, modern and minimalistic. Corten steel raised garden do not ship pre-weathered and will arrive with the bare steel finish which will have to weather over time to develop a... Material Details: Corten Steel Overall: 14 H x 40 W x 40 D Material: Metal

Material Details: Fiberbtone Overall: 30 H x 21 W x 21 D Material: Composite

Dripping from the midair the Handmade Globe and Planter suspend beauty allowing fragrance to drift freely. Find your passage. Material Details: Copper and steel Drainage Holes: Yes Overall: 26 H x 25 W x 25 D Material: Metal

The 4 x 4 Raised Garden bed from Lifetime products gives you the perfect garden setup in in less than one hour. It is constructed of UV-protected high-density polyethyene (HDPE) with a simulated wood design. It is low maintenance, weather resistant and will not rot, crack or peel. The walls high but two beds can be stacked together to create walls to accommodate deep rooted plants. With its easy do-it-yourself assembly and low maintenance features, gardening has never been this easy. Material Details: High density polyethylene Overall: 9 H x 48.7 W x 48.7 D Material: Plastic

Material Details: Cast stone Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Concrete

Tall and distinctive, the tapered Pro Series Linear Plastic Pot Planter is the perfect addition to any front entrance or poolside patio. Characterized by a grooved finish and a modern, sleek square tapered design, the Linear planter was explicitly designed for the commercial user in mind. Planters come equipped with a removable shelf set 14" below the rim of the farmer, this provides the user the versatility of filling the planter with soil or using an interchangeable plant insert. With a... Material Details: Polyethylene Overall: 30 H x 26 W x 26 D Material: Plastic


This Pennyfield Modular 7 Fiberglass Planter Box replicates the look of lead, iron and concrete but is up to eighty percent lighter than traditional materials. While this is considered frost-resistant, it should be brought in during the winter and stored in a covered, frost-free location away from the elements. Drainage Holes: Yes Overall: 15.75 H x 31.5 W x 11.75 D Material: Fiberglass

In traditional gardens, soil compaction can make it difficult for air, water and roots to penetrate the soil mix. Raised bed gardening eliminates compaction and allows air and water to reach roots easily so they can expand and grow. The Guarden line of raised beds lets you lay the groundwork for a healthy and productive garden. Durable components snap together easily. Three insulating air cells work within the frame to trap the soils heat. Material Details: Heavy duty vinyl Drainage Holes: Yes Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 5.25 Material: Plastic

Material Details: Fiberstone Overall: 24 H x 12 W x 12 D Material: Composite

The glazed planters are high fired at 1000 degrees centigrade to ensure frost resistance and durability. They are also subjected to rigorous testing in freeze-thaw conditions to ensure quality. Due to the processes used in the manufacturing of our hand-made and hand-glazed containers, all variations with respect to firing, color, size and crackling are not deemed to be defects but are natural occurrences in the manufacturing process. The glazes on their containers consist of natural, not... Single piece Frost resistant

It looks like the real deal - but these pots arent made of lead. Instead, the made of clay and other lightweight materials. It only looks heavy Material Details: Fiber Clay Drainage Holes: Yes Overall: 10.5 H x 12.5 H x 14.75 H x 17.5 H x 10.5 W x 12.5 W x 14.75 W x 17.5 W x 10.5 D x 12.5 D x 15 D x 17.5 D

While the high firing temperature and quality of this Isidro 3-Piece Terracotta Pot Planter result in a durable and frost-resistant product, they still recommend that they are stored in a frost-free covered area in winter. If left outside, water may accumulate in the container and freeze, causing the planter to crack and break. Planters that must be left outside should be covered to prevent water, snow and ice from accumulating inside the planter. Drainage Holes: Yes Overall: 12.25 H x 7.25 H x 10.25 H x 15 W x 7.75 W x 10.75 W x 15 D x 7.75 D x 10.75 D Material: Terracotta

Material Details: Fiberstone Overall: 22 H x 28 W x 10 D Material: Composite

How do you add function to your home dcor? Let them count the ways. Nine corrugated buckets are suspended from this Locklear 9-Piece Metal Vertical Garden for a handy piece that does double-duty. Storage and style all wrapped up in one! Overall: 5 H x 51 H x 26.25 W x 5 D Material: Metal

This Cracked Glaze 3-Piece Ceramic Pot Planter Set is the perfect gift for a loved one, including yourself. Perfect for a desktop or fireplace mantle this stylish art piece fabulous. Material: Ceramic

Rotationally moulded resin planters provide a great value given the 10 Year limited warranty - crack and fade proof making them the perfect planters for even extreme weather conditions. High design that will make a statement in any location. Lightweight and easy to handle. Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Resin


Material Details: Aluminum Overall: 12 H x 30 W x 12 D Material: Metal

This Cedar Elevated Garden Planter Box combo is a perfect combination of planters to make your garden spectacular. The elevated garden combo planters are constructed with unfinished cedar, are pre-drilled, pre-cut, includes all fastening hardware and custom fitted fabric liner. Place custom fitted, heavy duty, landscape fabric into each of the planters, add your soil and you are ready to plant your vegetable, herb, or flower garden. Made in the USA. Drainage Holes: Yes Overall: 34 H x 60 W x 60 D Material: Wood


House trained. Great with plants. Almost as cute as your current pooch. Room for four succulents. Seriously heavyweight. Material Details: Brass Overall: 8.5 H x 22.5 W x 5 D Material: Metal


Frame It All simple modular gardens. The gardens that grow with you. The One Inch Series 4ft. x 12ft. Raised Garden provides ample square footage for the serious gardener. If your love of gardening runs deep, youll appreciate the extra soil. Almost any type of crop will do well in an bed even root vegetables. With 48 square feet of available planting area youll find many uses for this versatile kit. Overall: 11 H x 144 W x 48 D Material: Manufactured wood


Bring the beauty of flowers right up to your door or onto your deck or balcony. The Kensington Planter Box Trellis is a one piece planter box with a trellis that enables you to grow climbing flowers or vegetables. Our attractive design and attention to architectural details will make the Kensington Planter box trellis an attractive addition to your outdoor area. Our impeccable quality and 20 year warranty ensure that youll be able to enjoy your Kensington year after year. The Kensington... Capacity: 4663.02oz. Material Details: Vinyl Overall: 63.7 H x 20 W x 23 D Material: Plastic

Material Details: Fiberbtone Overall: 12 H x 23 W x 23 D Material: Composite

Their Lexington Self-Watering Planter Box has the traditional look of beadboard without any upkeep. All-season high-grade polyethylene planters provide long-lasting beauty, durability, and quality. Double walled planters have a sub-irrigation reservoir to help support established plants. Made in the USA. Material Details: Polyethylene Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Plastic Self Watering: Yes

Rotationally molded plastic is non-toxic and odorless. Replaceable bulb is a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), also known as a compact fluorescent light or energy saving light, and available at hardware and general merchandise stores. Cord and adapter are CE approved for indoor and outdoor use in US households (110V, 50-60Hz power). Comes with waterdrain system. Overall: 35 H x 15 W x 15 D Material: Plastic

You will love this vintage-inspired planter with its charming pattern and distressed finish. Its the perfect accent for an outdoor or indoor space. You will love it in an entryway or a patio or deck. Material Details: Material: Ceramic

Plated in copper, this trio of garden planters will weather beautifully on a patio or porch. Hand-hammered texturing ensures no two pieces are identical. Material Details: Galvanized iron Overall: 14 H x 18 H x 21 H x 12 W x 15 W x 17 W x 12 D x 15 D x 17 D Material: Copper

Material Details: Cast Stone Overall: 12 H x 37 W x 12 D Material: Composite

This Shamritsky Terracotta Pot Planter is high fired between 990 (terracotta) and 1000 (glazed) degrees centigrade to ensure frost resistance and durability. Due to the processes used in the manufacturing of their hand-made and hand-glazed containers, all variations with respect to firing, color, size, and crackling are natural occurrences in the manufacturing process. The glazes on their containers consist of natural, not chemical, components and therefore the final color of the product will... Drainage Holes: Yes Overall: 24.5 H x 25.5 W x 25.5 D Material: Terracotta

Visit another world with this Hatley Pot Planter. This glossy planter emphasizes a fascinating textural surface that is reminiscent of a landscape seen from space. Your plants will flourish in this tall, thin container. Its out of this world. Material Details: Polyresin Material: Resin

Khol Pinewood Vertical Garden features a 3-fold rectangular wooden outline frame made from mixed fir and pinewood. It comes with four slat-type basins with a distressed brown finish. Drainage Holes: Yes Overall: 48 H x 51 W x 9 D Material: Wood

The low bowl line of TerraCast planters are unique in that they are able to be placed on the ground, on pedestals, or hung from above by adding the necessary mounting accouterments. Their low sides, and wide mouths make any plant you chose to place within them instantaneously become an eye catcher. They are also extremely freight friendly as they nest extremely well. TerraCast resin planters are virtually indestructible. Resin is non porous, so it doesnt stain and nothing seeps in or out.... Material: Resin Self Watering: Yes

This Rough Ceramic Pot Planter is crafted of ceramic and finished with distress purple glazed. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Adds color and texture to your home and garden Material Details: Glazed ceramic Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Ceramic

Material Details: Fiberstone Overall: 16 H x 20 W x 20 D Material: Composite


Brighten your outdoors by adding a movable splash of color to your deck or patio. This lovely item has durable casters and is ideal for displaying potted plants and flower baskets. The practical frame design makes it a useful workstation for artists and hobbyists for holding anything from paintbrushes to craters tools. Built from select kiln-dried acacia hardwood for enjoyment year after year. Overall: 36 H x 24 W x 15 D Material: Wood


The new vinyl wrapped elevated garden beds come on casters! They are the answer for an instant and manageable garden that can be placed anywhere. Ideal for small patios, decks, condos, apartments, or anywhere youd like to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers. The Vinyl Wrapped Elevated Cedar Raised Garden with Shelf eliminates bending over while gardening and is perfect for gardeners with mobility and back strain issues. Handcrafted in the USA and made from 100% oak. The posts have a wood... Drainage Holes: Yes Material: Wood

Contemporary Broad-Rimmed Dish Planter is simple and elegant with a rolled rim top, and sleek sides. This modern bowl is highly versatile and durable, made from our special ResinStone blend this planter is a perfect fit for any setting inside and out. Material Details: Resin Stone Overall: 8 H x 22 W x 22 D Material: Composite


Fiber stone is made of sand and stones casted into the surface that is reinforced with a fiberglass backing. Each piece is hand-stained by artisans to give the appearance of aged stone. Urns and planters made of fiber stone are lightweight, durable, and stronger than concrete. These urns are handmade with superior craftsmanship. Material Details: Fiberbtone Overall: 22 H x 21 W x 21 D Material: Composite

Iron provides a classic look to any landscape or garden. Material Details: Iron Drainage Holes: Yes Overall: 21.75 H x 24.75 W x 24.75 D Material: Metal

The Tatami collection captures the essence of Sarabi Studio minimal style. Simple forms of raw steel give a contrasting yet understated industrial element to a natural environment. The textured gray tones, unique graining and nuance of the metal provide a grounded backdrop for the vibrant colors of the garden. Outdoors the bare steel planters will rust to a natural patina. Sarabi Studio Tatami steel planters are well suited to both residential and commercial applications. All Sarabi Studio... Material Details: Steel Drainage Holes: Yes Overall: 24 H x 48 W x 12 D Material: Metal