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Overall: 12 H x 7 W x 7 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

Observe your favorite birds dining in style with this charming metal and recycled glass bird feeder. Designed without drainage to hold mealworms, suet pellets, jelly, or flower seeds, its sure to attract Bluebirds, Orioles, Juncos or beloved Songbirds depending on your location and season. Use as a single feeder or link several vertically to accommodate a greater number of birds. Individually gift boxed and ready for giving. Hand-wash only.rn Overall: 7 H x 6 W x 4 D Overall Product Weight: 0.84lb.

Overall: 10 H x 5.5 W x 5.5 D


The Zenport lunch box squirrel feeder, feed the squirrels and chipmunks too. This squirrel feeder is designed to feed squirrels and other critters. The lid is hinged for easy opening and closing. An extended front perch allows squirrels to eat their lunch comfortably. To keep squirrels away from bird feeders. Place the squirrel lunch box at least 15 feet away from bird feeders to help deter squirrels from bird seed and birds. Overall: 12 H x 10 W x 6 D Overall Product Weight: 5lb.

Overall: 31 H x 12.8 W x 12.8 D Overall Product Weight: 3.3lb.

Invite beautiful songbirds to your garden with this Fledgling Series Hopper Bird Feeder, showcasing a pine-shingled roof and crisp white finish. Overall: 11 H x 8.5 W x 8.5 D Overall Product Weight: 3lb.


Overall: 18 H x 9 W x 8.5 D Overall Product Weight: 7lb.

Overall: 10 H x 11 W x 11 D

Birds Choice Patented Magnet Mesh Nyjer Bird Feeder. Tests prove that this patented mesh screen will attract up top double the number of birds than other mesh on the market. Overall: 24 H x 5 W x 5 D Overall Product Weight: 3lb.

Overall: 13 H x 8 W x 8 D Overall Product Weight: 2.64lb.

Balloon shape, plastic base. Four feeding ports. Overall: 12 H x 6.2 W x 6.2 D Overall Product Weight: 2.415lb.

Overall: 12 H x 12 W x 12 D Overall Product Weight: 2.55lb.

Fully functional with a distinctive design creating a unique addition to your outdoor decor. Made of cast aluminum - will not rust. Weather resistant paints to last a lifetime. Designed to hold several different varieties of your choice of seed. Easily opens for convenient refills and cleaning. Makes a great gift. Overall: 6.75 H x 9 W x 10 D Overall Product Weight: 2.9lb.


Birds Choice forever feeder features stainless steel screen, molded durable acrylic top and bottom, center seed diverter, drainage holes and are easy to fill. Hanging cable is attached to the center rod assembly Easy to fill and clean with one rod assemble to release spring loaded clips Stainless steel screen


This NCAA Bird Feeder holds 24 ounces of feed. Easy to clean and fill. The feeder features a fully cast and enameled. Overall: 18 H x 5 W x 5 D Overall Product Weight: 1.2lb.

Comes with a mounting plate that allows easy placement on a wooden and an ingenious steel cable to hang the feeder. But wait, theres more! A matching birdhouse with the same great design. Both the feeder and the house make great gift items! Overall: 11 H x 9.5 W x 9.5 D Overall Product Weight: 6.4lb.

Made of recycled glass and metal, this daisy-shaped bird feeder without drainage is perfect as a mealworm feeder, jelly or suet pellet container. It attracts an array of birds including Blue Birds, Orioles, Juncos, Songbirds and more depending upon your location and season. Choose a colorful daisy bowl to add a dash of brilliant color to your garden or yard. Arrives attractively gift boxed and ready for giving. Hand-wash only.rn Overall: 14.75 H x 8 W x 8 D Overall Product Weight: 0.92lb.


Natural cedar 11 quart 2-sided hopper feeder with two suet cages. The large capacity is easy to fill by lifting the hinged roof and suet cages are also hinged. Removable seed tray with seed diverter ensures that the seed will stay dry and be shifted to the sides where the birds will get at it. Overall: 15 H x 18 W x 13 D Overall Product Weight: 9lb.

Holly Berry Gilded Chalet features a circular perch that invites birds to feed on all angles. This attractive plastic feeder has a lid with an embossed holly berry pattern to coordinate perfectly with your garden decor. The rustic gold finish is treated with a UV inhibitor to protect it from the sun and prevent fading. This gorgeous feeder can hold up to 2 lb of seed and with its patented Sure-Lock cap system it will reduce your amount of fill times. With its unique twist off base, it makes... Overall: 9.5 H x 7.5 W x 7.5 D Overall Product Weight: 0.71lb.

Add some color to your landscape with the Metal Tube Bird Feeder! This lovely feeder is a modern addition to your garden, backyard or patio. Easily fill the Metal Tube Bird Feeder with up to 0.75 lb of seed, place in a quiet and convenient place and watch as a variety of birds flock to your feeder. The Metal Tube Feeder is easy to fill, has removable parts for easy cleaning and is powder coated for rust resistance. This bird feeder includes a sturdy hanger for secure hanging and a roof to... Overall: 14.6 H x 5.5 W x 5.5 D Overall Product Weight: 0.63lb.

Overall: 13.27 H x 8.84 W x 8.81 D Overall Product Weight: 2.51lb.

Overall: 16.5 H x 9.25 W x 9.25 D Overall Product Weight: 2.13lb.

Sunflower-inspired hanging bird feeder with an openwork metal center and glass petal details. Overall: 0.83 H x 5.3 W x 3.5 D Overall Product Weight: 1.1lb.


The 32 port crush proof Hummingbird Feeder is designed to attract our feather friends while made to last. All is needed is to fill with sweet nectar and hang with the included hook. Hummingbirds feed from the buffet or 32 ports located on the base so it gives the little hummers lots of feeding options. The feeder is also made with a perch that is positioned at the correct height for the hummingbirds to rest and feed. Made from polycarbonate so it is crush proof and wont fade or crack in the... Overall: 10.5 H x 9 W x 7 D Overall Product Weight: 2.5lb.

The beautiful handmade statuary will adorn any indoor or outdoor environment and is perfect for the garden or landscaping. They bring the spirit of adventure to your garden. Overall: 17 H x 9 W x 9 D Theme: Gnome Material: Resin/Plastic; Stone Material Details: Cast Stone Resin

This station includes hooks, hangers, and other accessories to easily meet all your birding needs. A tubular steel pole forms the body of the unit, with dual hooks at the top to accommodate two different bird feeders up. Attach the included hook to the shaft as well to hang another feeder or small garden accessory. For more avian visitors, connect the included suet cage to the main pole, and tighten the attached wing nut to keep it in place. Clear plastic bird bath and hanger ring are also... Overall: 85 H x 10 W x 10 D Overall Product Weight: 1.6lb.

With the trendy Perky-Pet Starglow Vintage Hummingbird Feeder, youll be able to feed your hummingbirds while bringing a nice decorative touch to your yard. This feeder, which has a 16 fl oz nectar capacity, features a Starglow luster on its glass bottle, four daisy-shaped feeder ports and a brushed nickel finish lid and hanging loop. Cleaning and filling are easy, thanks to its wide-mouth design and snap-apart base. Overall: 11.12 H x 5.5 W x 5.5 D Overall Product Weight: 1.5lb.


Overall: 13.1 H x 5.3 W x 2 D


Clean contemporary lines make this basic tube feeder an attractive addition to your yard or garden. Quality parts and ease of use make it a great value. Product Type: Tube Bird Feeder Mount Type: Hanging;Pole Mounted Color: Seed Capacity: 1 Nectar Capacity:

Overall: 2 H x 9 W x 9 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

Overall: 15 H x 2.75 W x 15 D Overall Product Weight: 0.5lb.

Birds love for their seeds so there will be no doubt that they will be attracted to the Giant Birdd Feeder. Enjoy the whimsy of the large, colorful flower in the garden, yard or even in large planters. Overall: 28 H x 16 W x 5 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

Hang this Cardinal Family Portrait Solar Bird Feeder to welcome feathered friends into your yard. The holiday themed feeder features a male and female cardinal painted and embossed on a glass panel. It is topped with a black metal roof and has a tray for adding the birdseed. Made of metal and glass. It is weather resistant but should be hung in a protected area. The bird feeder lights up with a solar panel and the included 1 AAA rechargeable Ni-MH battery. Overall: 11 H x 10 W x 10 D Overall Product Weight: 1.1lb.

The Perky Pet Opus Oriole Hummingbird Feeders appearance was a brilliant flash against the landscape, and what way to attract them to your garden than with their 32 ounce oriole feeder. Its exclusive two-position perch adjusts to feed all varieties of orioles. Its patented bee guard lets bird feed, keeps birds out. Four feeding stations allow for fine dining. It comes complete with a free oriole identification chart. Overall: 8.5 H x 7.1 W x 7.1 D Overall Product Weight: 0.87lb.

This Mounted Platform Bird Feeder offers plenty of perch space and bird-watching visibility. This easy fill platform feeder attracts a wide variety of birds and is equipped with cedar plank floor and drainage slats. Durably constructed using renewable and rust resistant screws. Pre-drilled holes for easy mounting to any tree or post. Overall: 2.25 H x 12.4 W x 13 D Overall Product Weight: 2.05lb.

Audubon Hummingbird Feeder is sure to attract hungry Orioles to your yard. Three nectar feeding ports with perches on the base are shaped like oranges to enhance this feeders ability to attract Orioles. Multi-faceted nectar reservoir with 10 oz. capacity sparkles in the sunlight and makes an eye-catching backyard addition. Hand washes only. Overall: 9 H x 5.2 W x 5.2 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

The Solar Lighthouse Finch Decorative Bird Feeder like a light house for boats, will glow in the night! A solar cell in the top area of the feeder powers a LED light to create a glowing beacon for the night. Your birds, neighbors, and friends will love the unique and whimsical look of the Solar Lighthouse Finch Decorative Bird Feeder! Long lasting construction, high-quality components, and eye catching design make this feeder a fan favorite, so just fill, hang and enjoy! Without the use of... Overall: 14 H x 7.5 W x 7.5 D Overall Product Weight: 1.8lb.

Stylish and appearing in a flashy, bright red hue, your Tube Bird Feeder is sure to be noticed by birds and people alike. The feeder features 6 feeding ports, a 2 lbs seed capacity, a quick release tray (which saves seed and simplifies cleaning) and unique twist and lock removable perches that attract both clinging and perching birds. The clear, shatter resistant acrylic reservoir of the bird feeder makes it easy to monitor seed levels. Simply hang mount this feeder. Overall: 16.4 H x 7.2 W x 7.2 D Overall Product Weight: 0.73lb.


Overall: 10.93 H x 8.51 W Overall Product Weight: 2.18lb.


Overall: 34 H x 23.5 W x 17.5 D Overall Product Weight: 8lb.

Featuring two-way squirrel protection, the hinged roof tilts with the weight of a squirrel and closes both ports. The two feeding ports with long, sturdy metal perches are spring loaded to close both ports from the weight of a squirrel. Overall: 11.3 H x 10.8 W x 7.9 D Overall Product Weight: 1.6lb.

The Homestead/Gardner Stop a Squirrel Hopper Bird Feeder features a unique design that does not let squirrels get access to the feed. The transparent window allows birds to see the feed within and helps you determine the best time to refill the bird feeder. The steel platform of the Stop a Squirrel Hopper Bird Feeder by Homestead/Gardner makes it easy for birds to perch on it. This hopper bird feeder can be easily mounted on a wall, or it can be fixed on a tree, deck or post. This bird feeder... Overall: 11.5 H x 12.75 W x 10 D Overall Product Weight: 7.4lb.

Natural cedar 5 quart 2-sided feeder that has a large capacity with removable steel base tray, two suet cages and oversized roof. Overall: 10 H x 16 W x 11 D Overall Product Weight: 10lb.

Birds Choice 8 oz. Hummerdome set which includes 8 oz. hummerfest, poly-carbonate red dome, built-in ant moat, 4 nectar ports and cleaning brush. Overall: 9 H x 11 W x 11 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

Overall: 16.5 H x 9 W Overall Product Weight: 2lb.

This simple birdfeeder is designed for close-up bird watching. The acrylic adobe-shaped birdfeeder is translucent so you can better see all the bird interactions. Mount this birdfeeder to an exterior window using three attached suction cups and watch the birds from the comfort of your home. Great for kids and bird lovers alike. Made of outdoor-safe acrylic. Overall: 5 H x 5 W x 5 D Overall Product Weight: 0.28lb.

The Living World Outdoor Bird Feeder is a great addition to anyones backyard living space. The feeder includes many innovative and practical design features that make feeding wild birds easy and convenient. Replacing food is simple due to the large opening at the top and with the looped handle you will be able to hang the feeder from a tree branch, allowing the bird easy access to the food. The seed level can be closely monitored through the clear, plastic seed reservoir. With the Living World... Overall: 6 H x 2.2 W x 2.2 D Overall Product Weight: 0.36lb.

Rustic reflections bird with birdfeeder, white heart-shaped bowl with gray lining on mouth, features 2 birds leaning on the bowl, white finish on body, gray finish on wings, gold finish on beaks and feet. Overall: 6 H x 12 W x 13 D Overall Product Weight: 1.5lb.

This Deluxe Funnel Tube Bird Feeders unique design creates a 60% wider opening with a built-in funnel in the lid of the feeder for the easiest filling with less spill. With a spring system in the roof hinge, this feeder can be opened for filling with a single touch. Patented baffle system separates seed into individual chambers and keeps seed at all levels for maximum bird viewing and 2-in-1 technology allows feeder to be used to feed a wider assortment of seed; thistle inserts included. Easy... Overall: 17 H x 6 W x 6 D Overall Product Weight: 1.2lb.


Zenport squirrel tractor cob feeder holds 2 ears of corn and there are multiple spaces for the squirrels to sit and eat away as they look like they are driving a tractor. This high quality, all metal feeder will last for many years and is very durable. It is coated with polyester finish to keep it weather-resistant. The feeder is also great for placing a sliced orange on the spokes to attract orioles and other fruit-eating birds. Overall: 22 H x 8 W x 5 D Overall Product Weight: 2lb.


Natures Way Cedar Platform Feeder features a removable Fresh Seed tray for easy cleaning. It has vinyl coated steel cables for hanging and supports for pole mounting. Cedar is naturally insect and rot resistant. All hardware is rust-free and this product comes with a 5 year warranty. Overall: 2.25 H x 12 W x 12 D Overall Product Weight: 2lb.

Ideal for cardinals, chickadees, finches, grosbeaks, nuthatches, juncos, titmice, towhees and woodpeckers. Features durable poly-carbonate ring pull perches that attracts a wide variety of birds, stainless steel bail wire and a durable color finish. Perches, base and cap are metal to deter squirrels from chewing. Overall: 15 H x 5.5 W x 5.5 D Overall Product Weight: 0.38lb.


Overall: 7.25 H x 14.5 W x 12 D Overall Product Weight: 4.3lb.

A beautiful angel with a verdigris finish holds a basin up for the benefit of any feathered friends flying about. Inspired by the angels lining the walkways to the Precious Moments Chapel, this uplifting design is sure to bring peace and joy to your garden. Crafted in durable resin. Fill with sand for weighted stability. Sand not included. Overall: 24 H x 9 W x 15.25 D Overall Product Weight: 13.97lb.

Overall: 8.05 H x 4.81 W x 4.82 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

If you are looking for a great durable feeder that will hold a lot of seed and feed many birds at a time. This 3 quart sunflower feeder will dispense sunflower, peanuts or a blend of seed. Overall: 12 H x 11 W x 11 D Overall Product Weight: 3lb.

Overall: 13.75 H x 5.25 W x 11.75 D Overall Product Weight: 5.25lb.

Overall: 21 H x 8 W x 8 D Overall Product Weight: 4lb.

If you love your morning cup of joe, then why not let your backyard birds get in on the action! While they may not love coffee, you can serve them black oil sunflower seed from this NO/NO Coffee Pot Mesh Decorative Bird Feeder. This uniquely shaped bird feeder looks just like a bright blue coffee pot and can be filled with up to 2 lbs of sunflower seed for birds to eat. Multiple birds can cling to the diamond mesh surface and pull out the seed of their choice. Additionally, the mesh design... Overall: 5.56 H x 6.75 W x 11.5 D Overall Product Weight: 0.635lb.

Open on all 4 sides for easy bird access as well as easy filling. Unique design makes it mountable just about anywhere. All corners are cut at 45 deg. angles for that little extra. Glued, screwed, and nailed together. This feeder will give you years and years of enjoyment. Overall: 5 H x 14 W x 8 D Overall Product Weight: 2lb.

Constructed of hand-formed solid copper and when the birds arent feeding, its an elegant addition to your landscape. These sculptures by Harvey Gallery are created on a larger scale and designed to withstand time and the elements. Each one is custom made for youone at a time! Overall: 22 H x 22 W x 16 D Overall Product Weight: 15lb.

The iconic British police box functioned as a telephone kiosk or call box located in a public place for the use of members of the police or for members of the public to contact the police. Unlike an ordinary call box, its telephone is located behind a hinged door, so it can be used from the outside, and the interior of the box is, in effect, a miniature police station for use by police officers Today the image of the blue police box is widely associated with the science fiction program, Doctor... Overall: 8.75 H x 6.25 W x 6.25 D Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

Overall: 5 H x 12.88 W x 12.38 D Overall Product Weight: 2.25lb.


Overall: 11.3 H x 10.75 W x 7.87 D Overall Product Weight: 1.62lb.

This bird motif fruit spear feeder and seed ball allows you to attract your feathered friends with delicious fresh fruit. Spear a pear, an apple or a peeled orangeeven a pomegranate for a special treatand watch wild birds come to the party. Hanging spear feeder is crafted of metal and is home to a resin bluebird with realistic details. Overall: 14.5 H x 8.5 W x 3 D Overall Product Weight: 0.5lb.

Decorative garden statue is the perfect way to enhance your outdoor areas during the spring and summer months. Depicts a standing cherub angel gripping her dress in one hand and holding a bird feeder/bath in the other. Overall: 20 H x 8.5 W x 9 D Overall Product Weight: 4.9lb.